Best Travel Insurance Rates

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Best Travel Insurance Rates – Best Competitive Property Insurance: Check out FWD, Ethical, DBS, Direct Asia & Aviva as top choices for travelers.

We have carefully reviewed 80 annual travel insurance products available in Singapore to help you compare and buy the best policy based on your budget, coverage needs and travel culture.

Best Travel Insurance Rates

Best Travel Insurance Rates

For customers looking for the cheapest annual travel policies, Etika, Wise, Budget Direct and ERGO may be good options to consider. For example, the price of their annual travel insurance plan for the ASEAN region is 37-42% cheaper than the average entry level business of S$190.

Credit Cards With Travel Insurance

Budget Direct’s basic plan offers the cheapest annual plan on the market, regardless of destination. However, due to the limited coverage, it can only work for users whose main advantage is the price. For example, travel cancellations and delays are not covered. However, it covers injuries caused by noise and silent war.

Etika’s Tiq Plan is another great option for frequent travelers outside of Asia, offering the world at the lowest prices. In addition, it is a good choice for travelers because it offers many sports and activities such as skiing, hiking (up to 3000 meters) and swimming. For a small fee, you can add coverage for casual sports equipment.

ERGO’s Essential Plan is the cheapest for travelers around the ASEAN region. Its price is 42% lower than the basic ASEAN coverage plan and covers a wide range of travel problems such as missed connections, delays, cancellations, medical emergencies and even pregnancy. In addition, it covers hazardous activities and sports equipment insurance at no additional cost.

For frequent travelers to ASEAN and the Asia region, Allianz, Aviva, Direct Asia and FWD offer the most affordable plans.

Average Cost Of Travel Insurance In 2023

The Asia Direct 200 plan is a good choice for users who want a budget-friendly plan due to its affordable price. It is very competitive among annual plans in the Asia or ASEAN region, as it costs $149, which is $100 less than the average for these regions. Additionally, it can be a good choice for family travelers as the child limit is the same as the adult limit, a unique feature of travel insurance plans.

For customers looking for the perfect balance of health and travel insurance, Allianz Travel Silver is a good choice, offering more premium health, travel delay/cancellation and baggage damage coverage. However, Allianz does not offer annual plans for ASEAN, so it is ideal for those looking for an annual plan that provides coverage across Asia. In addition, although more expensive, it offers the best package we’ve seen in terms of 24/7 emergency assistance, multiple shipping costs (for domestic trips) and medical/travel coverage.

FWD’s Business Plan has more than the average personal accident coverage for sports equipment, making it ideal for the sports-loving traveler. The current 10% discount makes their prices competitive with other insurers, so we recommend waiting for FWD to offer a 20-25% discount to increase your budget.

Best Travel Insurance Rates

Aviva’s Travel Plan is one of the most affordable plans with above average medical and travel accident coverage at competitive rates. However, luggage capacity is less than Allianz.

Guide To Best Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policies In 2023

FWD’s Business Plan has more than the average personal accident coverage for sports equipment, making it ideal for the sports-loving traveler.

If you fly outside of Asia and want to get the best bang for your buck, choosing between Allianz, Aviva, Wise Traveler or DirectAsia will ensure you get the best bang for your buck. The plans cost between S$209 and S$346 and include travel expenses, medical benefits and personal accidents.

If you’re worried about travel complications such as trip cancellations and delayed luggage, Allianz Travel Silver offers 20-30% more comprehensive coverage than the industry average.

If you want to increase your medical cover, Aviva’s Travel Plus offers an above-average S$2,000,000 medical cover with a comprehensive list of burns, war, unexpected pregnancy, motor accident, smoke, mist and wind injuries.

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Wise Traveler Premium is the best of the budget plans, and costs just $215, about 35% less than the industry average for annual international plans. However, they are known for strong deductibles, so travelers should read the policy terms before purchasing.

Finally, DirectAsia has some of the best value plans for individuals and families because of their affordable prices and benefits. Its 500 plan offers everything you need to protect your trip, including missed connections, travel delays, medical emergencies, property damage and rental car coverage. enough to cover emergencies.

If you’re not limited by cost and want a high level of cover, Allianz and Aviva can provide you with the best protection, whether you’re looking for health, travel accident or personal accident cover or

Best Travel Insurance Rates

Allianz Travel Platinum is good for those looking for health protection, with unlimited sickness and accident cover, hospital and dental cover, up to S$50,000 for out-patient expenses and S$100,000 for personal accident cover. They also provide general information about travelers, epidemics/diseases, and travel. However, note that they are not covered by ASEAN Annual Travel Insurance.

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If you’re traveling with valuables and want them well protected, Aviva’s Prestige plans offer premiums between 50% and 80% higher than the industry average. Another great advantage for Aviva is that you can claim between S$3,000 and S$5,000 only, even if you can change or cancel your trip for any reason.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, Income offers a travel insurance plan designed for pre-existing conditions. The only caveat is, if you want to buy an annual plan, you can make a direct call to be prepared to pay a 50 percent deductible if you make a claim due to previous conditions. current trends. However, for travelers who have chronic illnesses or other health conditions that interfere with their travel, an Annual Benefit Travel Insurance policy is recommended.

If you’re planning to indulge in some high-octane activities like sky diving or snowboarding while you’re abroad, FWD, Ethika, DBS, Direct Asia and MSIG are the best sports insurance companies . In addition, you can also consider Aviva as a good choice for sports equipment because you can cover your winter sports equipment and water for an additional $5-7.

Generally, these insurance companies cover all types of adventure activities such as winter, water, outdoor and hiking, skiing, scuba diving and sky diving. However, you should always read the terms and conditions to make sure your job is covered. If you want to read a comprehensive review of travel insurance policies that provide great coverage for extreme sports, we’ve written a guide to the best policies on the market for these criteria.

How To Choose The Best Travel Insurance For Covid

If you are planning to participate in some high-octane sports like sky diving or snowboarding abroad, FWD, Etika, Direct Asia and DBS are the best sports insurance companies. In addition, you can also consider Aviva as a good choice for sports equipment because you can cover your winter sports equipment and water for an additional $5-7.

If you go on golf trips, you may want to consider an annual golf plan. If you’re planning to play golf, make sure your golf equipment is covered by a travel insurance plan, and don’t overlook any perks like unused green fee credits or a hole-in-one bonus. For one, FWD, Aviva, MSIG, American Express and AIG are examples of insurers who designed their travel insurance plans with golfers in mind.

If you want basic insurance for your golf equipment, FWD covers up to $2,000 worth of sporting equipment, and you rent it for $100 per day. The lack of full golf coverage, low cost and benefits make it a better choice for golfers than seasoned golfers.

Best Travel Insurance Rates

If you’re a serious golfer looking for a great golf-related plan, plans from Aviva, MSIG and American Express offer a wide range of coverage including equipment (premium and owner), unused green fee and single coverage.

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From 15 June 2020, all Singaporeans are advised not to travel. Death rates are rising in some countries, and travel can be risky. However, there are exemptions for accredited businesses or accredited tours operating under Green/Fast Track regulations. Also, be aware that if you are planning to travel and purchase a travel insurance policy, you may not be eligible for claims related to Covid-19.

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