Bachelor’s Degree Grant Opportunities

Bachelor’s Degree Grant Opportunities – Good news for Fulbright candidates currently attending or teaching at HEC-approved public universities in Pakistan! The cost of your GRE may be refunded if you score well. Once we receive your complete application along with your official GRE scores, you can request a refund if you have achieved your combined score based on the following criteria:

If you think you’re eligible, attach a refund request with your application. Applications will not be considered if they are not accompanied by a complete application. has funds to grant up to 30 such allowances available for 2023. Applications received earlier (with applications submitted before the deadline and results reports attached) are given priority.

Bachelor’s Degree Grant Opportunities

Bachelor's Degree Grant Opportunities

The Fulbright Master’s and Doctoral Program funds graduate studies in the United States. Funded by the US Department of State, these grants cover tuition, necessary textbooks, airfare, a stipend, and health insurance. it also helps with the visa process.

Graduate Funding Opportunities

For the master’s program, successful applicants will have a four-year degree or a combination of bachelor’s and master’s degrees for a total of 16 years of formal education at an accredited university. Recent graduates are strongly encouraged to apply, except for MBA and Public Policy/Administration candidates, who require 2 years of work experience.

For the PhD program, successful candidates will have a Master’s degree, M.Phil or comparable degree (minimum 18 years of formal education) from an accredited university. It is highly desirable that candidates have work experience in teaching, research or public sector in Pakistan.

All academic disciplines are eligible for both master’s and doctorate degrees, with the exception of clinical medicine. The graduate exam (GRE General) is mandatory for all applicants. Under the new scoring system, a minimum score of 145 is required for each section of the GRE exam, with a higher score in the section most appropriate for your field of study. Applicants must also have a high level of fluency in spoken and written English. All selected candidates will be required to pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

All eligible applicants are required to sign a contract and, for eligible doctoral students, a bond with HEC committing them to return to Pakistan immediately following their program in the United States and to serve the country for a number of years equivalent to the duration of their scholarship program. This contract is reimbursable on an annual basis for at least two years; as long as the person meets the terms of service, they will not pay anything.

Fellowships & Grants

Applications are accepted every year in January/February, and the application deadline is around April/May. The process of considering applications and interviews lasts until September, and the results are announced in mid-October. Once selected, the university application and recruitment process continues until February, with visa interviews held until June. Departure to the United States begins in July and later, depending on the dates of the university report.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Application with required references and supporting documentation must be submitted online. Please note that paper applications will not be accepted. We want to make sure you find what you’re looking for on Study in Europe. Help us by completing this short survey. Thank you!

We want to make sure you find what you’re looking for on Study in Europe. Help us by filling out a short survey. Thank you!

Bachelor's Degree Grant Opportunities

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Call For Applicants For Scholarship Grant Under The Educational Grants For Extension Workers (edge) Program

There are hundreds of thousands of scholarships and financial support programs available across Europe for international students who want to study here.

Some programs cover part of the tuition, others cover all tuition, as well as living expenses. The competition may be stiff, but it’s worth exploring your options.

Each country in Europe offers its own scholarship programs. Visit the country profile section of this website to learn more about scholarship opportunities by country.

Through the Erasmus+ program, international students can study in one of 33 European countries for between 3 and 12 months as part of their study program.

Förderung Und Stipendien Startseite

Erasmus+ students do not have to pay tuition fees for the period spent abroad. Some students may also be eligible for a bursary that contributes to living and travel costs.

There are also opportunities for European students to study at partner higher institutions in other parts of the world. To be eligible, you must be studying at a higher institution that is part of the Erasmus+ programme. Ask your university or find out more on the main European page of this site.

Scholarshipportal is a database containing over 1,000 scholarships available in Europe and beyond. Select your desired level of study, the country you are from and where you want to study to see scholarships that match your profile.

Bachelor's Degree Grant Opportunities

The EURAXESS website shares information on funding programs across Europe for research positions, fellowships and PhD studies. Discover the EURAXESS national portals for more detailed information on opportunities in each country.

Bachelor Of Science

In addition to the programs listed above, many universities, research institutes and faculties offer their own scholarships and financial support. Browse their websites to see what they offer. Last year, we published an analysis that presented a new way for students and policymakers to assess the return on investment (ROI) of higher education. This price-earnings premium (PEP) calculates the time it takes for students to recoup the costs of post-secondary education based on the earnings premium a typical student earns from attending a postsecondary institution.

And earlier this year, we released a follow-up report examining PEP for low-income students at colleges and universities across the country.

Although these first two articles focused on the outcomes of students who attended specific schools, they did not provide a detailed look at student performance at the individual level.

Fortunately, new program-level data released by the U.S. Department of Education (Department) now allows us to dig beneath the surface of many institutions across the country to explore what kind of ROI the typical student received from the specific program they graduated from. . Comparing the earnings premium earned by students to the price they paid to earn their credentials allows us to calculate the PEP that individual specializations within an institution produce for their graduates. This provides those considering postsecondary degrees—as well as policymakers, researchers, and taxpayers—more data on where students should invest their time and money if they hope to increase their economic mobility. It also provides college administrators with concrete information about which degree programs work well for students, as well as flagging those that leave them with little or no financial ROI after completing their credentials (click here to download all the data).

Qatar University Scholarships For Diploma, Bachelors, Masters And Phd 2023 24 (fully Funded)

To evaluate PEP for undergraduate programs, we used a similar methodology to our previous two reports.

First, it only includes students who have completed a college program. This basically means that these students did everything right: they paid their tuition, stayed in school, and earned the credentials they were looking for. In contrast, the institutional-level data used in previous PEP reports allowed us to survey both students who earned their degree and those who started but never completed it. Second, program-level departmental data only span two years after graduation. Institutional earnings data used in previous reports measured earnings 10 years after students initially enrolled at the institution, regardless of whether they earned a credential.

In addition to these differences between institution- and program-level earnings data, there are some other methodological considerations that should be taken into account when interpreting the data used in this report. For this analysis, we focus primarily on college-level credentials, such as certificates, associate degrees, or diplomas. While program-level earnings data are also available at the graduate level, net prices for graduate programs vary and are not listed in the Department’s databases. Finally, program-level earnings data available through the Department provide results for only about 20 percent of all undergraduate programs nationwide.

Bachelor's Degree Grant Opportunities

In other programs, data privacy is suppressed, because the number of students within each program is too small. However, the vast majority of students enroll in these larger programs where data is available. In total, we analyzed almost 40,000 study programs from which more than 2.2 million students graduated.

Two Degrees, Three Years

Taking these differences into account, the way we calculated PEP for undergraduate programs is basically the same as in previous reports. First, we look at the total costs a graduate student would have (defined as costs after subtracting all grants and scholarships) to complete their undergraduate program. For students who earn a bachelor’s degree, we assume they will incur four years of annual expenses. If the average net cost is $15,000 per year at that institution, we estimate that the total net cost of acquiring the credential will then be $60,000 ($15,000 x 4 years).

Similarly, we assume that students will have two years of annual net costs when they earn an associate’s degree and one year of costs when they graduate with an associate’s degree.

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