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Power of 2

Tron Smart Contract: X-Factor and Prime
P2 Launch Sept. 23!

> EASY to JOIN. $10 Minimum to Start Earning!
> You GET 2 FREE Referrals Automatically!
> TRUE Global Spillover for ALL.
> INSTANT 100% Payout Program direct to YOUR Tron Wallet.
> FASTEST 1×2 Decentralized DEFI Tron Smart Contract.
> UP to 110 Income Generating Centers.
> PEER 2 PEER Network. No Pooling of Funds.
> No Recruiting Required for PASSIVE and Residual Earnings.
> BONUS! 50% of Income from ID#1 Given Back to the FIELD!


Use this P2 LINK to connect to your TRON Wallet!

power of 2 launch

P2 Launch Sept. 23!

What is Power of 2?

The Power of 2 is an advanced way to engage professionally through network marketing, using our decentralized networking  system in a Tron Smart Contract.

The Power of Two Tron Smart Contract is transparent and impossible to hack, manipulate or delete and allows you to do business around the world through the Tron Cryptocurrency on the Blockchain.

Tron is economical due its low price and low transaction fees for transfers. It’s easily exchanged into Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

You get to benefit from the unique 2 Smart Contract Compensation plans simultaneously through the Power of 2: The X-Factor (global spillover) and Prime (direct network).

Get Started
Power of 2 Compensation Plan PDF
Power of 2 Plan de Compensación PDF en Español
Power of 2 Piano di Compensazione in Italiano
Power of 2 One Page Comp Plan PDF

Key Features

  • The X-Factor 1 x 2 Cycler has no sponsor requirements and has a Company Wide Spill-Under System so  that EVERYONE HAS TWO PEOPLE PLACED UNDER THEM CONTINUALLY.

  • Register for Free – You can earn, upgrade and be put in Slots 1 in both the X-Factor and Prime compensation plans. In X-Factor, when you come in for free, you get free people picked randomly and placed under you. They have 24 hours to upgrade. You need to upgrade to get paid. 

power of 2 comp plan

The World’s First Ever…FASTEST 1×2 Matrix Decentralised TRX Smart Contract, Passive Earning & Residual Earning Opportunity.

Some AWESOME features of the POWER OF 2 TRX Smart Contract:

  • Decentralised
  • A Smart Contract which means that you are in total control, without any third party interference.
  • Complete transparency as all transactions are traceable and verifiable on Tronscan.
  • Scam free because no one can close or stop the program for as long as Cryptocurrency exists.
  • Fully Verified by Tronscan

Let’s look at what makes POWER OF 2 an AMAZING and ATTRACTIVE Smart Contract opportunity to JOIN and EARN.

With POWER OF 2, you:

  • Earn before you spend
  • Earn 100% capital back on first partner assigned by the system.
  • Earn 10% referral rewards up 10 levels deep.
  • Pass up commissions.

As you can see from the above, POWER OF 2 is 100% Passive and 100% Residual.

It’s accessible and completely free to join and affordable to upgrade by all, as you can upgrade with as little as $10 USD worth of TRX (Tron).

Understanding the P2 Powerline

As tens of thousands of new Members join P2, they are registered in the P2 Powerline. Each new Member is automatically entered with a date and time stamp on a first-come, first-serve basis to track their success.

There are two types of Members in the P2 Powerline:
Free Members and Donating Members.

Free Members are registered at no charge and are automatically given the first two Free Members in their personal crowdfunding campaign. All new Free Members are given 24 hours to make their first donation to upgrade and become qualified as Donating Members.
If the donation is not made in the first 24 hours, the Free Member is removed from their preferred time and date stamped position and re-inserted at the bottom of the P2 Powerline. 

power of 2 tron smart contract

Power of 2 Presentation

How does the X-Factor work?

xFACTOR Cycler: When you upgrade your free position in the P2 Powerline, you are placed in the xFACTOR compensation plan. xFactor pays 100% through its straight-line 1×2 cycler. All payments are Member-to-Member and your payments are placed directly into your Tron Wallet, your 100% commissions are paid instantly in this fast paced 1×2 cycler! 

How does the xFACTOR Work? When the first Member upgrades, you receive a 100% payout. When the second Member upgrades, a 100% payout goes to the person above you in the cycler and simultaneously pays your re-entry into that Level of xFACTOR. With these same two members, there is no limit to how many times you can cycle and no limit to how many times you get paid! This applies to each and every Level of xFACTOR.

As a Donating Member, you instantly collect donations for your campaign and generate donations for other campaigns:
In this example everyone has upgraded to Donating Member.

The first member’s donation goes directly to you!
The second member’s donation goes to the member above you in the xFACTOR.

But that is only the beginning!
As your first member receives their two Donating Members, their second member pays you!

That requalifies you and the cycle process continues to UNLIMITED levels! 

power of prime

How Does the Power of 2 PRIME work?

Every member that you personally refer into your crowdfunding campaign enters PRIME.

PRIME pays your campaign 10% on 10 generations of campaigns, let us look at an example:

Suppose you only personally refer 3 members into your campaign, and they do the same.

In this example of PRIME everyone starts with the minimum $10.00 USD but uses their contributions to naturally upgrade over time to ONLY Level 3 out of 10 =  $35.00 USD (it will be more) So, $35.00 USD goes into PRIME (10% is $3.50 USD)

P2 Community Disclaimer: Crowdfunding is not a business or income opportunity; it is a donation distribution formula and is purely based on the crowdfunding process. The community makes no claims or guarantees of the contributions that your project will receive. Each individual project success depends largely on your commitment, desire, and personal references.

Level 1 = 3
Level 2 = 9
Level 3 = 27
Level 4 = 81
Level 5 = 243
Level 6 = 729
Level 7 = 2,187
Level 8 = 6,561
Level 9 = 19,683
Level 10 = 59,049

That is a total 88,572 members in your PRIME!
What does that mean in donations?

88,572 members times $3.50 USD equals
$310,000 USD!!

Will it work out exactly that way? Probably Not! ..BUT!
Will you probably refer more than 3 members! …YES!
Will members upgrade to higher levels to increase donations? YES!!

If all 88,000 members will do exactly what you did, and your revenue will grow monthly!

Power of 2 Compensation Plan Explained

Getting Started

Registration – 2 options

1) Registering Free – You can upgrade at any time to be put in Level 1 in both the xFACTOR and PRIME compensation plans. In xFACTOR, when you enroll as a free member you get 2 free members placed under you, everyone has 24 hours to upgrade. If a new member fails to upgrade within 24 hours, they are recycled and placed at the bottom of the P2 Powerline and then replaced by the next free user in the powerline who upgrades.

2) Paid membership – Your initial purchase automatically puts you in Level 1 in both xFACTOR and PRIME. You can upgrade to multiple Levels in your back office, these upgrades have a one-time charge. In xFactor when you upgrade, you get paid members placed under you, which positions you to earn immediately.

When you get your people for free and begin the upgrading process, hold on, you are in for an electrifying fast paced ride to success.

Use this P2 LINK to connect to your TRON Wallet!

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